Emblaze Hotel




Life is not built around check in or check out times.  And we understand that.  As long as your requests are reasonable, we will accommodate your check-in and check-out times.  

Matthew 5:14 says that Believers are a light to the world.  Emblaze literally means “to illuminate”.  And we love showing people the way through our service to others.  We lead by example.  We illuminate the paths of others.  We were born to serve rather than to be served.  And it shows in all that we do.  

It's all about convenience. It's all about Service.

We love to do things that drive our competitors absolutely crazy.  It’s our way of showing everyone else that we don’t believe in the herd mentality.

They like changing their prices on a daily basis (sometimes on an hourly basis).  They call it algorithmic pricing.  We call it artificial nonsense.  We disclose our prices on our website because our customers like consistency and transparency.

They pulled the Bibles out of their rooms because they were afraid of being criticized for not being politically correct.  Our fearless leader ordered us to put the Bibles back into our rooms.  

They pledge their allegiance to being carbon neutral (whatever the h** that is).  We believe carbon dioxide is a vital element to sustain life and we want you to be healthy, safe and have the freedom to live life according to God’s will. 

They put their so called “breakfast” out for a few hours, so we decided to leave our complimentary snacks (with breakfast items) and coffee out 24/7.

They get mad if you check in too early.  We encourage you to check in when you want to.

They get mad if you show up with your dog.  We are happy to see them.  And as long as your pet is falls within our hotel’s policy for acceptable pets, we’re happy if they stay with us, too.

They do not want you to pay with cash.  They want a cashless society.  We don’t mind if you pay with cash, credit, debit.  Heck, we might even accept crypto or barter, if push comes to shove.

We have nightly rates, weekly rates, monthly rates.  And if you ask politely, we may even come up with some yearly rates.

Superior Room with (1) King Bed

featuring:  wifi-6, Fiber ethernet, a mini-fridge, a microwave and a bathtub.

Deluxe Room with (2) Queen Beds

featuring:  wifi-6, fiber ethernet, a mini-fridge, a microwave and a bathtub.